Rules of Behavior

a) Don't KS
The Exp you get from the monster depends on the amount of HP you took from the mob. If you KS on another player, he will gain less exp and in some cases will lose the drop as well. Kings / Bosses are exceptions, as it is difficult to kill them alone. (Possible to be punished. Warning, Account Blocking for 3 days).

b) Respect other players
Do not insult or annoy other players. Try to be friendly, kind and have patience. (Possible to be punished. Warning, Account lockout for 3 to 7 days).

c) Don't Scam
Don't keep asking other players for money, if you need money, try like the others, do it in the race. (Punishment. Account lockout for 3 to 5 days).

d) Don't take a spot
In this Game NOBODY has a spot, so you can level up wherever you want, even if there are players there. But it is a sign of politeness and courtesy to look for another spot or go to one where there are enough monsters for the players of that spot.

e) PK in PVP areas
Doing PK in PVP areas is allowed. There is no limit to entering the Clan Field, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most players go to the CF to level up and catch good drops. But unfortunately there are certain players or clans who only go there to do PK on purpose and ruin the game for people who want to have fun and level up there, don't be like these losers. If this happens, return at another time.

f) Asking Clerics Buffs
Clerics têm buffs poderosos que fazem você upar mais rápido. Mas isso não significa que você pode incomodá-los toda hora querendo buffs, eles são jogadores como você que querem aproveitar o jogo e upar como os outros. Peça educadamente e com respeito pelos buffs, como 'Você poderia me buffar, por favor? / Buff por favor?'/'Could you buff me, please? / Buff please? Buff plix? Buff plz? ', e não 'Me buffa ae!'/'Buff me'.
Clerics have powerful buffs that make you level faster. But that doesn't mean you can bother them all the time wanting buffs, they are players like you who want to enjoy the game and level up like the others. Ask politely and respectfully for buffs, like 'Could you please buff me? / Buff please? '/' Could you buff me, please? / Buff please? Buff plix? Buff plz? '. If you see Clerics killing monsters, wait until he / she finishes and ask politely. Buffing people costs a lot of MP, and fruits that recover MP (and those of HP too) are not so cheap in the game, so you can give them some fruits or pots (that recover MP) in return. You will not be buffed whenever you ask, many Clerics do not want to be disturbed while they are up, partying, buying or talking with friends, respect their decision and do not insult or bother them. Several players try to add the Clerics to the friends list, so they can send messages to the Cleric and ask them to go where they are uploading and buffing them. DON'T DO THIS, Clerics are not a buffet delivery service.

g) Don't try to catch other drops or steal them
With the exception of unintentionally catching, as long as the 'Pick Up' skill sometimes tries to catch the drop of others, it is acceptable, now, trying to steal the drop of others on purpose, is unacceptable.

h) Don't blame Dealers if the craft fails or if the craft item has bad stats or no stats
Making items is a risk, you can lose all the materials you invested in the item, if the craft fails or comes out with bad stats, it is not the fault of the dealers, this is all a matter of luck.

i) Don't take advantage of server bugs to benefit or benefit others
Bugs exist in all games and some are known and some are not. In both cases, the use of these bugs to gain level, experience, items or any other benefit is considered very serious, and will be punished with permanent account lockout.

j) Call by name
Call other players' characters by character names, don't use 'Ow!' because it is rude.

k) Don't try to trick other players
Attempting to deceive other players by attempting to sell, switch accounts or in any other way, the player will be punished with permanent account blocking.

l) Respect the iRose Online team
Defame, diminish or belittle the administration, Rose Online International, or any member of the team, in any way, the player will be punished with permanent account lockout.

m) Clans logos
Using the logo of an existing clan is not allowed. If the creator of the logo asks the owner of the other clan to make the exchange and he refuses, he will be punished by blocking the account for 3 days. In case of recurrence, the clan will be excluded (regardless of its grade). If the player creates another one and insists on the error, he will be banned permanently.

m) Char AFK at events
It is not allowed under any circumstances to leave characters standing thus degrading the event, the event is made for fun and not just to earn points. (exception of cleric in use) WILL BE PUNISHED WITH BLOCKING (ranging from 3 days to permanent).

The rules may be modified at any time without notice.